When testing reveals that radon mitigation is needed, the process for removing radon gas from inside a home involves capturing the gas before it enters. This requires locating where and how radon is entering the structure.


The EPA suggests radon mitigation when levels are 4 pCi/L or higher. First, we use the CT007-R as the diagnostic tool for finding the hot spots and determining where to install a radon mitigation system. We use the E-PERMĀ® (Electret Ion Chamber) system to test the home after the system is installed. It is a passive integrating ionization monitor consisting of a very stable electret mounted inside a small chamber made of electrically conducting plastic.

Installation & Removal

With basement or slab homes a suction hole or multiple suction holes are bored through the floor or wall with a pipe and radon fan which acts as a vacuum drawing radon out and away at roof level. Houses with a crawlspace foundation require the crawl floor to be sealed with a vapor barrier. A pipe and radon fan are inserted to direct the radon outside where it is harmless.

Basement Radon Testing
Radon Mitigation System
Treating Slabs and Basements for Radon